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The Battle at Maiden Hills

A medieval thriller, packed with mysteries, stunning secrets revealed, and the quest to thwart evil.

IN THE TWO YEARS SINCE THE BATTLE OF CEDARVILLE, all was quiet, or so Queen Juliana thought. Little did she know that a monk seeking power had been secretly working with a sorcerer to devise a scheme with the goal of destroying the Majians, and a rival king had been plotting vengeance on her husband and a siege on his kingdom.

Everything was stacked against her and the people of Maiden Hills, however, she finds an unlikely ally with a secret past, but is he who he says he is? Should she trust him and the mysterious seer who enters her dream world? Alone and confused, and without her magical gemstones, she must rely on her instincts, but if her instincts are wrong, it could mean the death of her beloved Jack, the end of the Majians, and control of the mortal realm in the hands of the evil Lucan.

“The action-packed sequel to Maiden Hills is one you don’t want to miss.”

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Meet the author… N. L. Estrada

Having built a successful career in finance, time seemed to get swallowed up, not allowing her ambitions as a writer to be fulfilled. When she took early retirement at last that time opened up.

‘Maiden Hills’ is the result of that change of focus. A medieval thriller, with elements of fantasy, magic, and action, charts the story of Queen Juliana who learns the secret of the people of Maiden Hills. A town decimated twenty-two years ago by her kingdom of Yorkford. When she learns that she has a link to the town and its survivors, she is torn between protecting her father’s legacy and helping the magical people. Juliana’s thoughtful journey is at the core of N. L.’s debut novel.

The book is being published by 3P Publishing, a British company, and will hit the shelves in August 2020. Having got the taste for writing, N.L. is now working on book two, a follow-up to ‘Maiden Hills’.

When she’s not writing N.L. spends her time reading, gardening, and traveling. You could say her life is consumed by stories and the telling of stories. She’s also a Star Wars fan and sees some parallels with one of the book’s characters in Luke Skywalker. Will ‘Maiden Hills’ go on to replicate the success of the Star Wars universe? Only time will tell.